Shopping on the Web


I’ve always done more than my fair share of shopping remotely. Before the Internet became the controlling method of remote shopping, I was a catalog shopper. Not that I don’t (and didn’t) go to stores, but catalogs (then), and the web (now) has a more complete tableau of products from which to choose.  And I can shop without putting on a face decoration, too--Can't discount that part of it.

Easy stuff for a guy like me. Buy remotely. Have it shipped to my front door, usually for free. Save the gas for the car, which, frankly, is now cost prohibitive anyhow.

The part that bugs me right now is that after you buy something—and I mean ANYTHING—from a website, you get a series of nagging reminders to review and rate you product and the seller and the shipping and the cost…...It’s endless. And it’s not just product reviews that are wanted—The dentist now wants them too. Here’s my “every time” review for my dentist—“Didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it might”.

Quit with the nagging. If it’s REALLY good, I’ll tell my closest family members. If it’s REALLY bad, I’ll hammer you right here on this blog (not that it’s a big deal—nobody reads it anyhow).

Just let me buy your crap in peace, and then leave me alone—Except for a reduced price for a repeat customer if you’re so inclined.


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