My Underpants


My underwear comes in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. I’m not married to anything in particular. Whenever I’m having a known poop issue, I go for the darker colors. You know what I mean.

Sometimes, I have a surprise poop issue. Ever have one of those? Of course you have…..You just never told anyone. But you’ve had them. When it’s a surprise, I just might be wearing white all cotton unders. Maybe not, but maybe.

Bought a package of white cotton jockey-style (but not REAL jockeys) tidy-whities recently. Pretty much my normal go-to, but, like I said, not always. Depends on my mood sometimes, too.

Here’s the interesting part-----The washing instructions printed on these white cotton undergarments had the following warnings: “Machine wash warm. Use only non-chlorine bleach”.


My white underwear gets laundered in hot water with full strength Clorox bleach every time. How dare they say otherwise? Real bleach and hot water is the ONLY method known to man to get the shorts looking, well, white.

And that’s all I have to say on this subject.


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