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Gun Control and Basketball

I see that Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has come out strongly in favor of “gun control”. What a fargin’ shock.  Lock-step with co-sports wonk Bob Costas.  Good for them. This would be, yes, the same Rick Pitino who was nearly canned a couple of years ago for violation of a moral depravity clause in his contract.  It had something to do with hooking up for a one-nighter with a waitress.  But, I digress. Sports wonks, coaches, etcetras.  What gives this group of idiots who make their livings from the general thug culture of sports (especially basketball, children) any validity to their opinions?  Especially regarding what they call “gun control”?  When they say “gun control”, that’s code.  It means the repeal of the second amendment and confiscation of firearms. That’s what it means. Really.

The Violent Years

It's been cold in Northeast Ohio. Night comes early in the winter, you know, and that can only mean one thing......... Movie Notes From the Rust Belt.....Youngstown, Ohio Today's Ed Wood classic is that 1956 favorite, The Violent Years. Not very much story to get in the way of the violence, such as it is, and the preaching, such as it is. All girl gang of, well, girls, get involved in delinquency, burglary, raping a boy (!), armed robbery, pistol-whipping, shoot-outs with the police, fatal car crashes. Man-Oh-Man, a lot of stuff there considering the movie is under an hour. The preaching comes near the end of the flick when the judge reads the riot act to the main bad girl's parents. There you have it. Nihilistic girls. Equal opportunity crime. This movie is notable for a couple of really good reasons: -Ed Wood was only involved in a couple of movies that actually made money, and this is one of them. If all that you know about Ed Wood (a c

Wiki-How and Drunk Driving, Not Necessarily in That Order

Today's “wiki-how” on my Internet start page included an entry titled “How To Make A Cat Bed From An Old Sweater”. Oh, my. Step by step instructions followed. This can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes, children. Oh, my. Well, I don't really know about the rest of society, but I don't need step-by-step instructions to make a cat bed out of an old sweater. I really don't. Here's my plan: Put an old sweater in a cardboard box. That's all there is to it. Even a Democrat can figure this one out. In other news, I see that a Dallas Cowboy football player (Josh Brent) got himself drunked up a bit, took his buddy (another Dallas Cowboy football player—Jerry Brown) for a ride, crashed the car and killed the passenger. He's in jail now, charged with the homicide. Stuff happens. But, where is Bob Costas on this? He ought to be calling for alcohol prohibition, or banning private ownership of cars, dontcha think? Ju