Super Sunday

  I read that Bruce Springsteen will be featured in a Super Bowl commercial. The sponsor will be Jeep. Figures. Springsteen has always been an anti-Trumper and is in his glory at this juncture. I understand that he’ll be espousing “unity”. Great. Just goes along with what I always thought about both Springsteen (whose music has always been sub-standard) and Jeep (whose drivers are among the worst tail-gaters on the road) Not like I was on the cusp of going out and buying a Springsteen record and a Jeep anyhow, but it solidifies my decision to skip Super Sunday altogether. Why can’t sports just be about sports?

A "High Alert" Inauguration

  OK then. Tomorrow is Joe Biden’s inauguration day, and it looks like this means all is well in these United States. I see that schools are opening again all over this great country, and the only thing that had to happen for this to occur was that Donald Trump needed to be ousted and vilified, and the democrats had to be put firmly in control. The pandemic, it seems, is over. Joe did it!! Trump is still the devil and old odd Joe is the savior. Well, in fairness, law enforcement is reportedly on “high alert”. Does this mean that the police are our friends again? No longer just a gang of racist murderers? I wonder if anyone in charge of anything can smell what they’re shoveling.

Linux Mint

  This might be old news to some, but it was a revelation to me. I’ve monkeyed around with Linux distributions in the past—Mostly Ubuntu—but haven’t in the past 4 or 5 years. The house has been all Windows 10 all the time. The problem was that Ubuntu, which I became really familiar and comfortable with in days gone by, had managed to morph into something more mainstream and “ready for prime time”, which necessarily meant that it became a bit more bloated. I had initially gone to Linux in the distant past to resurrect some older under-powered machines and try to breathe some more life into them. I’m probably not really very unique in that respect. Since the desktop computers were all completely capable of it, everything went to Windows 10. A grand operating scheme, by the way. I have no complaints about Windows 10 other than it’s power and resource mandates. It’s a hog. Like Ubuntu had become. I have a box of old tech. I’ll bet you do too. Stuff that sits

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

  I might be completely wrong here, but it seems to me that if the BLM/antifa riots and lootings this past year had been dealt with in the same ferocious manner as the Capitol riot is now being dealt with, much of the grief of the past summer of discontent could have been avoided. Not saying this prosecutorial conduct is specifically motivated to punish and intimidate Republicans and traditional Americans, but…..Oh, shit. I am too saying exactly that. In other news, it’s beginning to look like 2021 is going to be worse in every possible way than 2020 was. Restaurants and bowling centers will never re-open and I’ll never again see the expression of a full face in any public area. Are the democrat overseers happy yet? Is it even possible that California will impeach Gavin Newsome? Stay tuned. Maybe Biden will say something coherent from time to time. You never can tell.

Corporate Partners

  We all have our share of corporate partners, now don’t we. I certainly know that I have my share. And, they’ve all lined up to send me a friendly little e-mail about how concerned they are for my mental well-being given the “challenges” of the recent past. Not one of these moronic e-mails has made hay on the fact that the emotional wellness that has suffered so mightily   over the past year or so was perpetrated by our democrat governors, democrat apologists, left-wing riots, the press and television media, Hollywood idiocy……….Oh, you get the point. What got me going today was the one I got from my bank. My bank. Apparently they’re concerned about my emotional wellness. What do you suppose they’re really concerned about? I haven’t a clue.

Continuing Draconian Measures

  It’s of interest that the Democrat (read “socialist”, or “communist”) governors and mayors in this country have, in unison, become overlords of the economy and inter-personal behavior. They work in collusion with the press, television news programs, Hollywood, the medical community, the education system, the ghost of Nikita Khrushchev, and the political wigged-out left. It’s amazing how rapidly they took absolute control over all life with draconian measures, while simultaneously ignoring the rioting, burning, and looting perpetrated by their co-conspirators. Now that immunizations are becoming readily available, I understand that there will be NO CHANGE in social distancing and masking requirements, along with continuing to keep business in America closed. Supposedly, this is due to the Wuhan Virus still being a threat. Even though we have a vaccine. I think it might be something else. Does anyone really expect the overlords to relinquish their power at this poin