WalMart Gluten-Free Cream Soup

I write the occasional product review on Amazon—Normally it’s because I really liked something that I bought for some reason. There are ALWAYS plenty of critical reviews out there, but precious few honest reviews of praise. I use my real name, and if my name is attached to an Amazon review, it’s an honest review. A couple of days ago, I reviewed a group of “Amazon Partner” retailers. I’d never done that before, but here’s the upshot of the whole thing:
My bride has decided to try to go gluten-free. That’s fine by me. Turns out, gluten-free products are expensive and sometimes hard to find. She wanted to make a casserole (or something) that called for a can of cream-of-something soup. We discovered that there’s a WalMart branded selection of cream soup available for about a buck and a half a can. was sold out.
Checked Amazon.
Sure enough, it’s available in quantity from a handful of Amazon “Partners”. For about 9 dollars American a can.
So I wrote the follo…

Xfi Advantage!!!!!

As a follow-up to the Xfinity wifi hot-spot issue, I went back to the Comcast corporate web site and read, I think, pretty much every word there, and believe-you-me, that’s a bunch of words.

The upshot of that review of information is that I failed to find any mention AT ALL of Comcast deleting or disabling a wifi hot-spot due to overuse (at least I think that’s what happened here). When I say “over use” I’m sort of making that up, because there’s no mention or documentation that over-use has any sort of definition or advance warning. Or that it’s even a thing. The fact remains, however, that when I actually used this wifi hot-spot, it disappeared.

Why do I sort of have the feeling that I’m the subject of an episode of the X-Files?

It’s still interesting to me that Comcast touts this “benefit”, but when it’s actually used and accessed, it gets disabled. As above, I can only surmise that’s what happened, because no one at Comcast seems to know, or will admit, that this actually occurs…

Xfinity WiFi "Hot Spots"

Here’s the way it started—I have an Internet-Centric house. I stream EVERYTHING. Comcast/Xfinity is my source for a signal because the actual signal that comes through the coax cable is massive when compared to the only alternative here which happens to be Centurylink DSL, and not the fiber-optic stuff.
I think you might be able to see where this is going.
Comcast has a 1 TB data limit. OK, not really a limit. It’s a cap. Yeah, that’s it…..a cap.
I have the minimum cable TV package that’s available, and I access it via the ROKU streaming application. When I got that app, I was specifically informed by a Comcast employee on the phone that streaming through that app did not count against my data cap. They were specific. Mostly, when I watch TV, I access it through HULU anyhow, not Comcast.
Had a Comcast Tech at the house today who told me exactly the opposite regarding the Comcast streaming app—he said that anything that was streaming through the modem/gateway (their hardwar…

Food Equity

Yep, it’s a Diversity pie. Thought you’d NEVER ask……….It’s got both green and red tomatoes in it and both orange and white cheese on it. I’m all for diversity in my pies. It’s also got a gluten-free crust, but I only mention that for the hipsters from Portland.
Later on I’m hoping for Equity cookies. They’ll have both white and dark chocolate chips, but you can’t point out the difference. And remember, they’re cookies, not crackers.


Honestly, I’m not interested in hearing the biblical lesson that you want to teach. I understand that you have a need to teach, but please…..Honestly, I don’t need another view of mistreated animals. I already don’t mistreat them, and chances are, you’re not actually reaching the audience that would learn not to leave their dog out in the snow by dint of your meme…..Honestly, I already know your politics and religious affiliation. You probably don’t know mine, but that’s because…..
What I want out of this “Social Media” mess is the same sort of relationship we had before social media existed. I’d like to hear about your grandkids and your vacations. You’d never in a million years accuse me, face to face, of being a coward to not scream my politics out loud, would you? Of course not. I never much participated in uncomfortable or unfriendly conversations with anyone (other than criminals) and I don’t want to now. We’re friends in a real sense, and I like that.
Honestly, tell me a …

“You’re Under Arrest for Foul Play”

While watching the local morning “news” program today—from Portland, Oregon—there was a story about a guy who was found dead at the Portland Zoo. Very sad. As the story unfolded, the news reporter in the field said that the police did not suspect “foul play”.
For the record, I’ve never heard the words “foul play” come from the lips of a law enforcement spokes-being. News-people, however, seem to be in love with it.
On a related note, I wonder if all TV news reporters are now women. Or is that just in Portland?
In the interest of clarity, I don't live in Portland, and despise the town. But what passes for local programming here in Castle Rock emanates from either Portland or Seattle. It’s a coin toss for content, but I usually go with Portland TV.

No, I don't really know why.


Time was, I worked as a police officer for the city of Santa Rosa, California. I’ve been retired for a long time now and no longer live in or anywhere near Santa Rosa (or California, for that matter), but I still pay attention to what the good guys are doing down there.
For an extended time I was a swing shift patrolman, and I liked the work, the action, and the equipment. I always thought I was pretty good at it too--It was more than a job to me.
I told you that so I could tell you this:
I saw a video of a domestic violence/kidnapping in Santa Rosa where the police department deployed, among other fancy gadgets (I’m sure), a drone. A fargin’ drone. With that piece of equipment, they located the bad guy hiding in a tree and took him into custody. That’s what I call a good job by all concerned.
A goddamn drone. My God.
In 1977 (or maybe 1978) I was working as a patrolman in Santa Rosa on a weekend night—5th street at that time was a one-way affair (and, for all I know, it still …