A Partial List

A partial list of crap that I’m tired of hearing about or seeing:

-The Dread Virus

-Police reform


-Shaved bald heads

-Excessive tattoos

-Or any tattoos that aren’t your military unit and rank or a legitimate tribal tattoo

-Face masks


-TV programs and commercials featuring interracial homosexual relationships

-Social distancing

-Choke holds

-Heroic nurses

-Crybaby professional athletes

-TV commercials for prescription medicines

-Anyone using the word “systemic”

-Seattle, Washington

-The NBA

-Diversity and Equity

-Comedians with a message

-Title 9 (or Title 7, for that matter}

-Being “alone together”

-Facial piercings


-Anyone saying “Stay Safe”

- Portland, Oregon


-Tampon commercials on TV

-I Can’t Breathe

-The New Normal

-Stage1, Stage2, Stage3

-Nancy Pelosi

Spring Training

It’s a sad season for fans of the SF Giants. Sad. I have no idea who these guys are—I read that they have employed 17 big-league coaches. Jeebus...17 coaches. The general behavior of the club is the same as an expansion club that’s trying to decide who it wants to be when it grows up. I also read that they’ve signed so many players and coaches that they’ve run out of jersey numbers and have issued “0” and “00”. Now, I don’t know if all that’s true, but I do read the McCovey Chronicles, and one of their pieces on the web site this week is entitled “ Which Fictional Character Do You Want To Manage The Giants?”. So it’s not just me. Fictional Character to manage? One of their suggestions was Elle Woods, and I think that’s just dandy.
Even at that, baseball in general is in trouble…..Currently over-regulated and over-sanitized with way too many “metrics”. Players are over-paid causing ticket prices to rise out of the range for a regular guy (such as myself) to go to games regularly…

Television Musings

When I was in high school, I had a pretty full plate—In addition to actual classes (which were the least important part of it), I had extracurricular activities including athletic teams, the band, occasional dalliances with clubs like the California Scholarship Federation and the Key Club, I also had a nearly full-time job at a gas station and other summer jobs. And girls. And beer. And a car. The jobs supported the car, the beer, and, mostly, the girls. It was a full life. And fun.
That covered the years from 1963 to 1967. No time for television. Ever. My Dad had a Kaye-Halbert B&W console TV—From my perspective, it was a blond wood cabinet that occupied a corner of the living room near the fireplace. I don’t remember ever sitting down and watching TV. Too much life to live, even when I was a little kid. Bike rides. Friends. Baseball.  Cub Scouts.  Sneaking a cigarette sometimes.
My only point here is that TV wasn’t important in my life. Not just “not important”--I har…

Imposters--Scripted Bravo Program

Watched the entire 2 season run of “Imposters”--In the current manner, that would be 10 episodes per season. All on Netflix. This is one of those truncated canceled for no good reason really grand TV programs that I have been becoming affectionate of. Christ, that sentence is a disaster…..
Imposters was made as a “Scripted Bravo Program” (their words on the opening screen of every episode)--As opposed, I suppose, to another baking competition that would be, at least by their standards, “Unscripted”….Even though we all know that they are indeed, scripted and planned. What those programs don’t have, however, is much overhead—No real writers or directors or hot new actors. Stuff like that. Plots. Original ideas. Location shoots. You know what I mean.
This is one of those programs where you watch the first episode and think Oh Shit—This is too good for TV. It’s doomed. And you’re never really wrong. Happens all the time. Life on Mars. Life. The Unusuals. Brimstone. The Finder…

99 River Street--1953

Yeah…..It’s freezing rain outside and I couldn’t find anything worth watching on the major networks. I’m not interested in the NFL (too much Nike, too much Kaepernick debris, not enough Star Spangled Banner, if you know what I mean and I think you do).…..I tried watching some bowling, but there were fans with thundersticks, for Christsake.
You already know what this means and I apologize in advance—Movie Notes from the greater Pacific Northwest--
I went to one of my old standbys—Public Domain movies and TV on Their app lives on my ROKU box, and that makes it nice, plus, I sprung for the $2.50 annual fee for the “Gold” edition. Worth every cent. The only thing that could go wrong is a power outage in this rainstorm—WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!
I watched a 1953 movie—B&W, great characters, lotsa tough-guy writing, fine story—dandy mood shots. Man, what a movie. Worth the time spent. 99 River Street—Starred John Payne, Frank Faylen (Dobie Gillis’ Dad), and Peggie Cast…

The Homeless "Crisis"

Ever try to offer a job raking leaves or yard clean-up to a guy holding a “Will Work For Food” sign at an off-ramp?
Time was, it was a shameful existence—this “homeless” crap. The “campers” were ashamed of themselves, and polite society didn’t tolerate such behavior. Ran ‘em out of town if necessary. Ought to be that way again, and I’m not really interested in any alternative opinion. Just not interested.
The homeless problem, or crisis if you like that better, has been misdiagnosed. This isn’t a problem of a larger homeless population than we have had in the past. There were just as many of these drugged, alcoholic, lazy, incompetent, criminal, thieving panhandlers in the past.
But, like I said, they’re no longer ashamed of themselves, and we forgot how to run them out of town.
You almost never see a homeless encampment on private property. In this country, we still have control over the use of our privately held property (mostly……….mostly). Homeless guy pops up a tent on your fron…

Social Media Postings

No disrespect or antagonism intended here—But I’ve had enough of a few things here on what is interestingly referred to as “Social Media”-----Here’s the current list:
1. Habitual, repetitive Biblical scripture 2. Pictures of abused dogs and warnings to not abuse my pets 3. Hateful left-wing political diatribes
I’d really like to keep up with your adventures, and see your kids and grand-kids as they grow, but I’m not going to become a democrat, or a christian, because of Facebook postings. The abused dog pictures are awful, but no one in your group of friends is abusing their animals anyhow. I already know that you’re a Christian. If you’re a Trump-hater I already know that too.
I already know. I still consider you my friend, and maybe you consider me one as well.
And if you should decide to re-post some bizarre thing that seems to uphold your personal world view, do me a favor and fact-check it first. Make absolutely certain that it isn’t just more Internet bullshit on it’s fifteent…