Put Up Yer Dukes, Ya' Wussie

Do you, like me, wonder what happened to manhood in America?
I recently read an article re-printed by Blue Lives Matter that ran down a Portland, Oregon Home Depot employee. He heard a woman screaming for help in the parking lot—she was trying to get help for what she called out as a kidnapping. Our Home Depot Employee called 911 and followed the dispatchers instructions—Follow the kidnapper and continue to report facts until the police arrived. That's what he did, leaving the Home Depot property for about 10 minutes. For his efforts, Home Depot fired him. They have since offered him his job back (which he declined) due to bad press.
Just a recent example of the wussification of the American Male.
Same thing in baseball. No more home plate collisions Too dangerous. No more “take-out” slides at second. Somebody might be get hurt.
It goes on and on. School-boys in the second and third grade punished for drawing pictures of handguns.
Here's where I'm pretty c…


Phonics doesn't even start with an “F”.
It's shit like this that makes space aliens fly right by Earth without stopping to give us the cure for cancer.

Songs by Rock Bands About Being in (Or Becoming) A Rock and Roll Band

Even at my advanced age, I like a good show--I went and saw Boston at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield with my daughter.  What a grand show with a dandy sidekick.  They opened with Rock-N-Roll Band, and it brought to mind other songs, by rock bands, about becoming or being a band. Here's the list I immediately came up with.  These are all great tunes.  Feel free to let me know about all the ones I missed:

Overnight Sensation--Raspberries We Built This City--Starship Rock and Roll Band--Boston Grand Funk--We're An American Band Foreigner--Jukebox Hero Moody Blues--I'm Just A Singer In A Rock-N-Roll Band AC/DC--It's A Long Way To The Top Dire Straits--Money For Nothing The Byrds--So You Want To Be A Rock-N-Roll Star Eagles--New Kid In Town Stones--It's Only Rock and Roll Kiss--Rock-N-Roll (All Night)
All American Boy--Bill Parsons (and others)

The Book of Guys

I enjoy reading aloud. Depending on the subject matter. I inadvertently obtained a copy of The Book Of Guys in the mid-90s and devoured it. I have since read aloud the preface and “Lonesome Shorty” more times than I can recall. I have read and re-read the book cover to cover on an “as-needed” basis. It's “needed” more often than you might imagine.
This is side-splittingly funny stuff, sometimes not exactly in the “HAHA” way, but in the “HolyCrap” manner. This guy Keillor knows my life experience.
I have purchased more copies of this book whenever the need arose. Whenever I meet a man (of my generation in particular—Boomers) who has come to the conclusion that women simply cannot be understood nor can they be satisfied, I give that man a copy of The Book Of Guys for his very own.
It's comforting to know that you're not alone.
Those who think that this subject matter is too dark need to re-evaluate what happened to their manhood during the woman’s movement in t…

Dimension 404--Made by HULU

I've been watching a dandy “Made-For-And-By-HULU” narrow-cast program entitled “Dimension 404”.

Figure it as all the good stuff from The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, The Net, and a host of other similar ideas that you'll immediately recognize. Mark Hamill does the verbal intro. Good stuff.
Then I watched the current episode which was titled simply “Bob”. Another dandy story, this time about a deployed Army Captain (Psychologist-type), who is separated from wife and daughter during the holiday season and seems to be a work-aholic. A good starting place by any measure.
But I just have to wonder how large a percentage of deployed Army Medical Corps Captains are Asian lesbians involved in a bi-racial non-white relationship while raising an ethnically ambiguous 10 year old daughter. Yes, they share a passionate kiss, but it's really hard to tell if there's any tongue involved.
Just wondering……….
Not that I'm going to quit watching this program, any more than I'm going to …

Word Usage as it Relates To eBay Sellers

A couple of notes to eBay sellers:

1) A used item is not “Vintage” simply because it's used. If you're trying to make an old decrepit item seem fashionable, try just renaming it instead. F'rinstance, if you're offering for sale an old, beat-up lamp, try advertising it as a vacuum cleaner.
2) “Patina” is a real word, and, according to Webster, means “a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period”. If you have an old rusted license plate frame, it does NOT have a “patina”, it has “rust”.

As always…..You're welcome.

Facebook Lists

The list of people I follow on Facebook dwindles ever so close to zero. It's pathetic, really. But, like everyone else, I suppose, I am drawn to it.
You might call it a guilty pleasure, but I don't feel guilty and it's a fair distance from pleasurable.
Given the minuscule number of folks I now follow, one might think I have no more need to gripe. One would be wrong, and I forgive one.
I cannot seem to prevent myself from clicking on those moronic “Lists” of the 37 worst haircuts, or the 17 most hideous tattoos. You know that crap as well as I do. But I'm weak.
I just clicked on one that promised the 25 worst cars ever made. As if……….
OK, some of them were bad designs. OK. But I owned and drove a bunch of the cars in the list and liked them. I drive one of them even to this day, and I like it. Fact is, I mostly like stuff. Cars included. Some of the ones that I didn't ever own, drive (or still own and drive) were cars that I admired.
And then there&#…