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The Walking Dead--Seasons 1, 2, & 3

I may have mentioned that I’m a driving instructor here in NorthEast Ohio.  Maybe not.  Regardless, I am. A driving instructor, that is.  This means that I spend my days in a car, one-on-one, with teen-agers, somewhere around 8 hours a day.  We HAVE to talk about something. The cool kids in this neck of the woods pretty much all watch The Walking Dead.  So, when it became available on Netflix, I took it for a spin.  I can now talk with knowledge about The Walking Dead.  The initial offering on Netflix was the first three seasons--short seasons to be sure, but still.....This can only result in one thing, and I apologize in advance.......... Television Notes From the Rust Belt.....Youngstown, Ohio. Without belaboring the point, this mess is a real crap-fest.  It gets dumber by the episode.  In short, a colossal waste of time.  No kidding. The Walking Dead, in it’s entirety, is based on a comic book.  Like you were surprised.  And, it holds the number one spot in the ratings for