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A Partial List

A partial list of crap that I’m tired of hearing about or seeing: -The Dread Virus -Police reform -Goatees -Shaved bald heads -Excessive tattoos -Or any tattoos that aren’t your military unit and rank or a legitimate tribal tattoo -Face masks -CNN and MSNBC -TV programs and commercials featuring interracial homosexual relationships -Social distancing -Choke holds -Heroic nurses -Crybaby professional athletes -TV commercials for prescription medicines -Anyone using the word “systemic” -Seattle, Washington -The NBA -Diversity and Equity -Comedians with a message -Title 9 (or Title 7, for that matter} -Being “alone together” -Facial piercings -Juneteenth -Anyone saying “Stay Safe” - Portland, Oregon -Antifa -Tampon commercials on TV -I Can’t Breathe -The New Normal -Stage1, Stage2, Stage3 -Nancy Pelosi