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The Wraith

I watch movies on my television—the TV itself is a 48 inch wide screen HD with a built-in ROKU. How could it get better you ask? Easy. Cable internet and solid streaming, that's how!! I use the stuff that I got from the ever-pleasant guy from Comcast (Or Xfinity, if you prefer)--their router too. I know, I know…..It's not nearly geeky enough and I pay a monthly rental fee. Yeah, I know. I've had my own gear in the past and set it up myself and all that, but this way if something untoward happens, I just call the cable guy, he comes to the house and fixes it, then he drives away. At no charge. I also know that it all sounds a little “sexist”, what with my calling him a cable GUY and all, but the sad fact is, I've never in my life had a cable BABE show up. Ever. Last evening, I was perusing the offerings on Netflix and found that mid-1980's smash hit, The Wraith . Found it, watched it, enjoyed the experience, and so it begins— Television Notes from


It's summer time here in Castle Rock. SCORCHING!! 80 degrees, cool breeze off the river, mottled sunshine. Like I said, SCORCHING!! I live on a bit of a hill, and the grass in the yard is, as a direct result, hilly. My mower is the sort that has to be pushed or pulled. I cut the grass. Pushing and pulling. I tired myself out, what with all the pushing and pulling in the scorching heat. So I poked around the offerings from Amazon Prime, and found, much to my delight, that 1996 Thriller, Unforgettable. While watching the movie on television, I recuperated from my foray into the scorching heat of Castle Rock. You already know what this means, and I apologize in advance….. Television Notes from the land of Perpetual Rainfall—Castle Rock, Washington This is one dandy period piece of a thriller noir sorta thing. Way too much story that really gets in the way of the plot here. In brief, we got a good guy medical examiner who was tried and acquitted regarding the murder of his wife. H

ROKU Error 014--No connection to WiFi (Even though it found your Network!!)

I cut the cable quite a while ago.  Not that I gave up on the cable company itself--I have Xfinity now, but I've had others in the past.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats cable WiFi.  And I don't much want to hear your mealy-mouth about the alternatives either.. I've got a ROKU box attached to every TV in the house that's not a ROKU TV.  I've had them for a long time and have upgraded on occasion.  I now have two ROKU 3's in the mix, and they occasionally have trouble connecting to my network, even though they have found the network and listed it. Every time that happened, I did the dance that we all do, given the circumstances:  Re-boot the ROKU.  Let it cool off.  Curse.  Put the WiFi password in again. Try connecting to the only open network in the neighborhood. Remove and replace the memory card. Curse again. Try a different HDMI cable.  Re-boot the router.  Wait until tomorrow or watch a different TV. Today, I decided to try to actually fix it, and

Jersey Boys

Movie Notes from the Land of Perpetual Rainfall--Castle Rock, Washington I wanted to see this movie on the big screen when it first came out, but, sadly, never managed to squeeze it into my schedule. Then, I meant to rent it, but, alas, video rental stores are now as rare as hens teeth. This afternoon, however, I accessed this movie at home, streamed from Amazon Prime through my beloved ROKU box into the 48 inch HD TCL Television. Even though I'm not gay, I love musicals.  And, this was the music of my youth.  I'm a sucker for a great story well told. It was worth the wait.  Don't miss it.  Available for streaming via Amazon.