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The Car (1977)

Movie Notes from the Rust Belt..........Youngstown, Ohio I cranked up the wide screen high definition Vizio and my beloved ROKU box today.  With my Netflix account, I took a gander at The Car, a 1977 spectacular starring James Brolin. The Car starts with a quote from the Church of Satan leader taken from the Satanic Bible, so you sort of know right from the jump where this story line (such as it is) is headed.  Not very much plot to get in the way of the mayhem here.....Evil entity dressed up like a customized 1971 Lincoln starts killing off wonderful hippie-type folks in a small town.  James Brolin is the heroic Sheriff who manages, at the end, to finish off the evil entity in a massive dynamite explosion.  Looks like the Devil wasn't all that hard to take care of after all, at least in 1977. In between the Satanic quote and the explosion, we have plenty of the normal mid-70s clap-trap---namely, some native American wisdom, some up-tight elderlies, some flowered wall-paper,