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Is The News Media Relevant? Well, is it?

I may have mentioned that I'm a cable-cutter. I don't have cable TV, although I maintain a relationship with the cable company (in my case, Comcast, but it has been others in the past—Time Warner, f'rinstance) for high-speed Internet. It's my way, it seems. As a result of this cable-cutting, I don't watch much “normal” TV. I watch lots and lots of stuff via media streamers on the televisions, but not what would be called regular cable or commercial TV. I told you that so I could tell you this: I worked a twelve hour shift at the IHL yesterday. It's the Christmas Holiday, so the campus was closed, and essentially abandoned, and the weather was truly frightful. And, there's a cable-equipped TV in the security office. How the IHL can afford this crap when I can't at home is…….Oh, they have a seemingly unlimited budged fueled by the God-Fearing taxpayers of Washington state, or so it would seem. So I watched some Fox News last night du

Why I No Longer List Items For Sale On eBay.....

.....Or, "Selling on eBay is for suckers". I joined eBay as a user on April 19th, 1997, and have a feedback score of 2179, giving me a Red Star. In the beginning, it was easy to use, and eBay acted more like a garage sale than anything else. Things have changed. Not all that long ago, I sold a used media streamer (not a ROKU, which is what I prefer).  The thing worked fine, but frankly, wasn't worth much to me because it didn't have the capability to receive feeds from my MLB.COM account. I got a fair price on eBay and sent it off to parts unknown.  I subsequently got a request for a refund due to it not working.  I refused and was then forced by eBay policy to issue a refund because of the allegation that  the device did not work as intended.  I complied, and paid for the return shipping, and paid eBay their fees.  When I got the device back in the mail, I tested it and yes, it worked fine.  I don't think I got scammed by the buyer, I just thing that the bu