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Uncle Buck

Television notes from the land of perpetual rainfall—Castle Rock, Washington The way things are going in this country, I'm pretty happy that I gave up on cable TV when I did. Not that I don't watch stuff on TV, I just don't see much of what passes for video entertainment on any of the major networks. I watch stuff that comes into my living room via my television set, but…….I bet you get my meaning. Here's what made me think of all this: ABC is releasing a new series entitled “Uncle Buck”. You remember Uncle Buck, right? John Candy…..Mccaulay Culkin. Lotsa laughs and a real humorous movie. Never could be a series no matter what. But that's not quite enough, you see. It's an ALL BLACK Uncle Buck. Gonna be just as popular as the all black Honeymooners, I betcha. Maybe as good as the All Girl Ghost Busters. No question about it though, the networks need to take some more stuff and Turn It On It's Head!!!!! The Half-Nelsons.

Double Whammy--Denis Leary, 2001

Yeah, yeah, yeah……….And not in the Beatles manner. I know that it's June and all, but it's windy and cold and rainy here. The grand and green Pacific northwest. Everybody loves it here what with Portland and Seattle and Starbucks and Costco and grunge and all the rest of the crap up here. My take is this: It rains a lot. Movie notes from the land of perpetual rainfall—Castle Rock, Washington. I'm not working for a few days, and, like I already said, apparently it's still winter. Winter isn't severe like it was in Ohio, but it's glum and there's a bite in the air. Looking at the offerings on Amazon Prime, I settled in on a Denis Leary movie entitled Double Whammy, an hour and a half feature from 2001 that was one of those “direct to DVD” offerings. I wasn't expecting much. It was better than expected. By a wide margin. The story is disjointed and jerky revolving around a troubled New York City Police Detective (Leary) while he tri

The Good Guys--2010 TV

I bought a new television. It's a 48” TCL Roku TV. Just in case you're wondering, the “TCL” is for “The Creative Life”. What the “creative” life has to do with watching TV is anybody's guess, but the TV is just dandy by my standards. It's a wide screen LED HD gizmo with a built-in Roku box. And, I got it on the cheap from Amazon. I hooked up some speakers and a sub-woofer to fix that tinny sound of the built-in speakers, and there you have it. I know what you're thinking, and you're right………. Television Notes from the land of perpetual rainfall—Castle Rock, Washington I've said this before, and I'll say it again: 1) I'm not a critic, I'm a fan, and 2) I like the short-run TV series. A really long time ago (when I lived in Ohio), I tripped across a TV marathon of all the existing episodes of what was then a first-run TV show titled “The Good Guys”. There was no one in the house other than me and the dog. We caught most of