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The Homeless "Crisis"

Ever try to offer a job raking leaves or yard clean-up to a guy holding a “Will Work For Food” sign at an off-ramp? Time was, it was a shameful existence—this “homeless” crap. The “campers” were ashamed of themselves, and polite society didn’t tolerate such behavior. Ran ‘em out of town if necessary. Ought to be that way again, and I’m not really interested in any alternative opinion. Just not interested. The homeless problem, or crisis if you like that better, has been misdiagnosed. This isn’t a problem of a larger homeless population than we have had in the past. There were just as many of these drugged, alcoholic, lazy, incompetent, criminal, thieving panhandlers in the past. But, like I said, they’re no longer ashamed of themselves, and we forgot how to run them out of town. You almost never see a homeless encampment on private property. In this country, we still have control over the use of our privately held property (mostly……….mostly). Homeless guy pops u

Social Media Postings

No disrespect or antagonism intended here—But I’ve had enough of a few things here on what is interestingly referred to as “Social Media”-----Here’s the current list: 1. Habitual, repetitive Biblical scripture 2. Pictures of abused dogs and warnings to not abuse my pets 3. Hateful left-wing political diatribes I’d really like to keep up with your adventures, and see your kids and grand-kids as they grow, but I’m not going to become a democrat, or a christian, because of Facebook postings. The abused dog pictures are awful, but no one in your group of friends is abusing their animals anyhow. I already know that you’re a Christian. If you’re a Trump-hater I already know that too. I already know. I still consider you my friend, and maybe you consider me one as well. And if you should decide to re-post some bizarre thing that seems to uphold your personal world view, do me a favor and fact-check it first. Make absolutely certain that it isn’t just more