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Neil Young's Importance

  A list of all the reasons I give a shit about Neil Young……… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I could go on, but there’s really no point. Fargin’ Canadian.

Art of Manliness

  Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you’re a 30-or-40 something year old father of a growing boy. Let’s also say that the mother of that boy, while a real hottie at the time of high heat, is actually a complete whack job…..crazy as a loon, tattooed, new age, believes in the power of crystals, and is most likely a member of a California coastal coven and considers herself a witch. Let’s also say that you finally got enough of the craziness and divorced her, resulting in…..the words no sane man wants to hear about his boy…..”SHARED CUSTODY”!! Crap. You have this lad a few days a week and need to let him in on all things manly, just to make absolutely sure he doesn’t turn into his mother’s vision. If you don’t have all of the knowledge that you want, and need a resource, here it is: Everything you need on one web-site. How to tie your tie. How to make a fire with wet wood. Card games that every man should know how to play. Why p

Commies and Fascists

  The pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine people in this country remind me of the difference between communists and fascists. On completely opposite sides of the issue, but behave in identical manners and speak in identical terms. The other side, whoever they are, are morons, or worse. Not remotely qualified to breathe. Stupid. Uneducated. Ignorant. I’m tired of all of this. Intelligent people can look at the pros and cons of this issue and reasonably come to polar opposite conclusions. None of which means that either side is stupid. Rather, the other side is drawing a different conclusion. I’ll consider going back onto social media whenever this all sorts itself out. I truly hate seeing friends of mine act in such a manner. If you have been vaccinated, you are not, in all likelihood, going to become a werewolf in a couple of years. If you’ve chosen the opposite path and have not been vaccinated, you are most likely not going to die of a covid infection. Take a breath. Let th