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Rick Perry Announces For President

OK then. I am a REALLY long term Republican. Those who think that there is no difference between the current crop of Democrats and the current crop of Republicans just aren’t paying attention. There’s a difference. Consider this.....Obama/Romney. See? Different. Anyone who thinks that Elizabeth Warren is a mainstream Democrat is wrong. If you think that Rand Paul is a savior you're delusional. But what really bothers me at this juncture is that the only big name candidate for the upcoming campaigns of both major parties who has any military experience is Rick Perry. Everyone else, apparently, just figured that is wasn’t their responsibility. Not their deal. Too big a bother. Might interfere with their attending an institution of higher learnin’. Might be dangerous. Might be scary. Whatever. It just wasn’t their responsibility to the body politic. Someone else can do it. To say that I'm appalled, shocked, or even surprised that almost all of the ca