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The Santa Clarita Diet--Netflix Original

In other news, I noticed a new zombie-comedy being touted on Netflix—A made for Netflix thing starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, two of my favorites. It's called The Santa Clarita Diet, and the run-up inferred that Drew was going to be a zombie and Timothy was going to be her husband, living a normal life in the El Lay 'Burbs when Drew turns into a zombie and hilarity ensues. I was ready. It's funny enough, but it's no iZombie (although that what it seems to want to be). Good enough to have me watch at least one episode beyond the pilot. Here's my problem with it………..It's the identical problem I have with just about every Made-For-Netflix series in their current offerings: The only couple that isn't bi-racial is Drew and Timothy. At least in the one episode I saw. They live in the 'Burbs. Santa Clarita. I've been to Santa Clarita more than once and I'm here to tell you that most of the couples living there are not