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Continuing Draconian Measures

  It’s of interest that the Democrat (read “socialist”, or “communist”) governors and mayors in this country have, in unison, become overlords of the economy and inter-personal behavior. They work in collusion with the press, television news programs, Hollywood, the medical community, the education system, the ghost of Nikita Khrushchev, and the political wigged-out left. It’s amazing how rapidly they took absolute control over all life with draconian measures, while simultaneously ignoring the rioting, burning, and looting perpetrated by their co-conspirators. Now that immunizations are becoming readily available, I understand that there will be NO CHANGE in social distancing and masking requirements, along with continuing to keep business in America closed. Supposedly, this is due to the Wuhan Virus still being a threat. Even though we have a vaccine. I think it might be something else. Does anyone really expect the overlords to relinquish their power at this poin