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The White Gorilla--1945

It’s Christmas Eve, and it’s snowing--absolutely beautiful, I tell you.  Oh, and it’s 19 degrees, the temperature is falling, and then there’s the wind chill.  I have a couple of hours on my hands before My Bride and I head off to an open house, and this can only mean one thing.... Movie Notes From the Rust Belt--Youngstown, Ohio Our feature today, courtesy of, my beloved ROKU box, the Internet and my secure, wireless home network, and that dandy 46 inch High Definition Wide Screen is that 1945 jungle thriller, The White Gorilla. Seems that one gorilla was born white and was cast out by the black gorillas, making him an ornery cuss.  A renegade, if you will.  He’s white and he’s pissed.  Quite a take on the white/black black/white issue considering that this is 1945, dontcha think? Sorry, but that’s about it.  Absolutely no story to get in the way of the jungle animal scenes, filler material re-used from a silent 1927 serial called Perils of the Jungle, the occasio