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The Media, The Bill of Rights, and Grand Juries

I think that before media employees (all of them, but particularly those in the employ of MSNBC) begin to exercise their 1 st Amendment rights, they should all be required to do the following: Take a state-run class consisting of the theory, dangers, definitions, and responsibilities of speech Take an additional state run class in the practical aspects of the exercise of speech Pass a state examination to display all the necessary abilities to correctly and lawfully exercise speech Then..... Pay a fee to the local jurisdiction wherein you desire to exercise speech in order to obtain your license for speech Be fingerprinted Wait for your background investigation to clear Be issued a license to exercise public speech (provided you pass all your classes and your background investigation) that will have to be renewed on it's expiration date Repeat for each state or other jurisdiction in which you wish to exercise speech If you are identified by law enf