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99 River Street--1953

Yeah…..It’s freezing rain outside and I couldn’t find anything worth watching on the major networks. I’m not interested in the NFL (too much Nike, too much Kaepernick debris, not enough Star Spangled Banner, if you know what I mean and I think you do).…..I tried watching some bowling, but there were fans with thundersticks, for Christsake. You already know what this means and I apologize  in advance—Movie Notes from the greater Pacific Northwest-- I went to one of my old standbys—Public Domain movies and TV on Their app lives on my ROKU box, and that makes it nice, plus, I sprung for the $2.50 annual fee for the “Gold” edition. Worth every cent. The only thing that could go wrong is a power outage in this rainstorm—WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! I watched a 1953 movie—B&W, great characters, lotsa tough-guy writing, fine story—dandy mood shots. Man, what a movie. Worth the time spent. 99 River Street—Starred John Payne, Frank Faylen (Dobie