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Blue Chip Stamps

Sure, I get rewards and points and those sorts of incentives when I make purchases using my credit cards, but……….I miss Blue Chip Stamps. There was a redemption center on Cleveland Avenue in Santa Rosa,  California, and it was always an adventure going there to get something for your completed books of stamps. Maybe a shiny new toaster. I worked at the Windsor Shell Station (owned by Joe Woodard) just off U.S. 101 at the Windsor off ramp while I was in high school in the mid 60's, and we gave out Blue Chip Stamps with purchases. We had stamp dispensers at the pump islands and, since the stamps were “lick-and-stick” like postage stamps were in those days, when it rained, the dispensers got gummed up and refused to function. I read on Wikipedia that Blue Chip Stamp was a viable company until 2011 (who knew?) and was then absorbed by their parent company. During their heyday in the 60's and 70's, even some brothels and mortuaries gave Blue Chip stamps with

Global Poker (at a Ballpark Near You!!)

To my dismay, I see that my beloved San Francisco Giants (and, presumably, all the rest of MLB), has “partnered” with an outfit called Global Poker. For the uninitiated, Global Poker is an on-line casino playing for real money. Just like Las Vegas. In other words, a dandy place to go and lose you family's rent money from the convenience of your lap-top computer in your bedroom while your wife is asleep. This “partnership” consists of yet another special night at the ball park. Global Poker Night!! Come early for a FREE ticket to the baseball game. We no longer allow the evil of tobacco in our wholesome ballpark, but will allow this? Bizarro world, I tell you. I'm speechless. Global Poker is based in the Principality of Malta. MALTA for Christ sake. It simply wasn't bad enough that MLB sacrificed some televised games for Facebook…..Now this. Yuck.