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Facebook and Comcast--In No Particular Order

Yes, you heard me right Buster…..I'm taking a break from Facebook. Mebbe I'll be back, mebbe it'll be a LONG time before I return, mebbe a short time, but for now, I've had just about enough, if you know what I mean and I think you do. After nearly a lifetime of living and working in Sonoma County, California, I retired from the public law enforcement profession and left (more like “fled”) Sonoma County. It had changed dramatically in the decades I had lived there, and I didn't like what it had become. I moved around quite a bit, and lost touch with old friends and acquaintances. That's what happens to those of us who are somewhat rootless. We lose touch with people who are, or were, important to us in some way at some time. It's sad. Facebook to the rescue!! I became a member and re-connected with all those old connections. What a great deal!! But………. Turns out, people behave differently on Facebook than in real life. Who could