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Good God, What Are They Doing to Baseball

  Based solely on watching a little bit of baseball on TV over the past 2 years, it seems overwhelmingly obvious that the concept of “fans” in the baseball park is irrelevant. Unneeded. Here’s what MLB really ought to do, based on what they’ve ALREADY done to the game: First, and right away, completely dissolve the concept of “leagues” and geographical divisions. Remake the divisions into 4-team divisions, with a champion in each division. Make certain to include second place finishers in the post-season, so that at least half of the fans can have some reason, however remote, to buy some more t-shirts and hats for their guys. Just like they do in basketball. Re-name the divisions with cute names, sort of on the concept of what they do in hockey. You know—the Eco division for the Pacific Northwest, the Snow division for the upper Midwest—that sort of thing. Next, MLB seems to have plenty of money, so buy up a crap-load of real estate in a fly-over state like Kansas