Social Media Postings

No disrespect or antagonism intended here—But I’ve had enough of a few things here on what is interestingly referred to as “Social Media”-----Here’s the current list:

1. Habitual, repetitive Biblical scripture
2. Pictures of abused dogs and warnings to not abuse my pets
3. Hateful left-wing political diatribes

I’d really like to keep up with your adventures, and see your kids and grand-kids as they grow, but I’m not going to become a democrat, or a christian, because of Facebook postings. The abused dog pictures are awful, but no one in your group of friends is abusing their animals anyhow. I already know that you’re a Christian. If you’re a Trump-hater I already know that too.

I already know. I still consider you my friend, and maybe you consider me one as well.

And if you should decide to re-post some bizarre thing that seems to uphold your personal world view, do me a favor and fact-check it first. Make absolutely certain that it isn’t just more Internet bullshit on it’s fifteenth go-round. Please.

None of that stuff on the X-Files was true.
Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
Mt. St. Helens will blow again.
Fluoridated water is not a conspiracy.
Vegan diets are for idiots.
There’s nothing wrong with nuclear power.
That’s pretty close to the entire list of stuff that you don’t need to fact-check.


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