MLB and the National Anthem

 Yeah….I’m a baseball guy. I live for baseball season….I have a grand-son playing baseball in Bakersfield Little League, and a daughter playing adult softball in Plumas Lake. Well, not actually IN the lake—that’s just the name of the town. I subscribe to MLB.TV. Because that’s where I can watch the MLB games featuring my beloved, yet incompetent, SF Giants. However, I have a couple of complaints about MLB.TV.

I find that MLB shows endless commercials during the National Anthem. You’d think that a sport that wants to drape itself in Red, White, and Blue could carve out enough time for the anthem. You’d think. I find that I have to listen to the radio broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio to get the Anthem, then launch MLB.TV to watch the game. Look, I have my issues with the butchering of the Anthem by “stylized” singers, but it’s still the Anthem, and it’s important.
Then there’s the idiotic “Baseball Zen” nonsense that they use for time fillers between innings. I figure they could easily do away with that bit of moronic crap, play their commercials instead, and still squeeze in the Anthem.


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