At Rest


My love affair with a cat came to an end recently. Well, not really…..Quigley died before he could manage to have one last Spring fling, but the love affair remains. He now has a peaceful corner of the yard.

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook:

Quigley was my side-kick for a really long time. He was never really over-friendly…..even with me. He was a one man tomcat. And I was the man. He attached himself to me as a kitten. And I was with him when he died of old age.

The pictures are of me and him when he was a kitten, and then one of him in his prime on critter patrol in the front yard of our house in Ohio several years ago.

I called him Quig, Q-Tip, Q-Cat, and “The Mostly Crazy White Tomcat”, as well as Quigley. He would answer to a simple calling out of “Q”. He was large, muscular, beautiful, and dangerous. He had the gait of a tiger.

I’ve pretty much always had a cat as a companion, but never for as long as this guy. I’ll miss him. He was born in Santa Clarita, California on August 15th, 2005, and died quietly at about 6:00 AM on April 25th, 2022 ----- in Castle Rock, Washington. He’s buried on my property.


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