Baseball--Cleveland and San Francisco


Yep. I caught some baseball on Opening Day. Watched some Cleveland/KC and some Brewers/Cubs. Much as they’ve homogenized the game, and as much as I abhor that, I watched. And listened.

It’s still baseball. Mostly it’s turned into the American League version of a “baseball-like” game, but it’s all we’ve got now.

I don’t really see the purpose of even having an American League and then real baseball in the National League. It’s all the same. And that’s awful.

Time was, the American league played in smaller parks, and real baseball was played in larger parks. The American League was a “bloop and a blast” game dominated by home runs, while the National League was a “grind-it-out” league dominated by batting average and base stealing.

My main team is the Giants, and has been for as long as I can remember, but I lived in Youngstown Ohio for a number of years and became an Indians fan. So today, since the Giants don’t start on time (they start tomorrow at home), I put on my Indians shirt and watched the Guardians play.

Gotta face facts, though…..The Cleveland radio broadcaster (Tom Hamilton) is simply the best. Nobody like him. I like the Giants radio team as well, but if they parted company with David Fleming, I’d be more than OK with that.

So, that’s it. Baseball.  If the Giants and Cleveland were to meet in the World Series, I'd be in heaven.

I got MLB.TV for free because I’m a T-Mobile customer, but baseball is really a radio game, and that’s how I consume most baseball.


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