Gun Control and Basketball

I see that Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has come out strongly in favor of “gun control”.
What a fargin’ shock.  Lock-step with co-sports wonk Bob Costas.  Good for them.

This would be, yes, the same Rick Pitino who was nearly canned a couple of years ago for violation of a moral depravity clause in his contract.  It had something to do with hooking up for a one-nighter with a waitress.  But, I digress.

Sports wonks, coaches, etcetras.  What gives this group of idiots who make their livings from the general thug culture of sports (especially basketball, children) any validity to their opinions?  Especially regarding what they call “gun control”?  When they say “gun control”, that’s code.  It means the repeal of the second amendment and confiscation of firearms.

That’s what it means.



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