A Game I'll Watch


I like the game of football. I played it in High School, in the Army, and when I worked for the Santa Rosa Police Department. Football is a great game. Tough, manly, brutal. It creates esprit de corps. Teaches teamwork and sacrifice.

You know what I’m talking about here. “You gotta be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls”. When the Beach Boys wrote and sang “Be True To Your School”, it was about football.

Ok, then…..That’s out of the way. I really like football. But the NFL is no longer about football. It’s about furthering the black agenda in the United States, and nothing more. College football is no better. The concept of the “student athlete” (when related to football) is a thing of the past. College football is just the minor leagues of the NFL.

I no longer watch the NFL, and have largely given up on the college game. I’ll catch a game or two at the local high school on a Friday night here in Castle Rock.

Here’s what I really don’t understand about the NFL—Why do these millionaires and billionaires who own the teams and promote the game all think they’re obligated to bow down to Black Lives Matter? Why? If the NFL owners refused, the players might strike. Good. The NFL can replace the players in a heart-beat with players who will play the game with vigor. With heart. Without political agenda.

And I’ll watch that game.


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