Gun Violence


Everyday up here in the Greater Pacific Northwest, in the local newses (both Portland and Seattle) there’s at least one major daily hand-wringing about how in the world the “gun violence” issue can possibly be addressed.

Do they really not know? Really?

I know how.

Lock up the criminals. Teach gangster trainees that confronting the police will result in their demise. Put the police back in the driver’s seat. This is not brain surgery.

There is no problem in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, El Lay, Chicago, or anywhere else that we cannot incarcerate our way out of.

If you’re a black criminal and you get arrested, it’s not because you’re black. If you’re a white criminal and get arrested, it’s not because you’re white. Same for any other color of skin. It’s because you’re a criminal and cannot be trusted to reside in polite society.

People sleep safely at night only because rough men with badges are willing to do violence on their behalf. Police work is sometimes not very pretty. Leave it to the police and sheriff’s deputies. A simple “thank you” would be sufficient.  Not really necessary, but it would be appreciated. Just leave us alone to provide that blanket of security.


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