A Brief Word From Our Sponsor


Big surprise here…..I watch Newsmax on TV some of the time. Every day, actually, but not all day. Suits me better.

This afternoon, there was a commercial break that consisted of the following:

-Urolift. Seems to make you pee better without loss of sexual function. Just for old guys.

-Prevagen. Apparently, makes oldsters regain mental function. As if.

-Super Beets. Another brain food, I guess. Or maybe heart food.

-Balance of Nature. How to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements that, according to their own “studies”, increases lactation in Russian mice. Another thing that bugs me about these ads is that the testimonial people featured always start the name of the product with “The”…..It’s never just Balance of Nature, It’s THE Balance of Nature. What’s up with that?

I was just wondering if these ads were tailored for me, or if everyone gets a daily dose of this crap.

Next time I need to make the mice lactate better, or if I need to pee better, or think like a teen-ager, or get WHATEVER “THE” Balance of Nature has, I know where to go.


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