Made for Netflix!!


Ever wonder just why it is that all of those “Made for Netflix”, “Made for Amazon”, “Made for Any Streaming Service” movies pretty much all suck? They are, by and large, terrible.

Sure, I watch them too, because more than anything, they’re included in my monthly fee, and if I don’t like it, I can just turn it off. Same thing you do. Once in a while, they accidentally put together something worth watching.

Netflix is the absolute worst. Amazon, probably the top of the heap.

Here’s the problem. The movie studios have been taken over by Sony, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and all the rest of the digital media/silicon valley crew.

The people in charge of these companies are richer than God, and they think that they can do anything better than anyone else. Unlimited money will do that to you, or so I've heard. Don’t believe it? Just wait for your next car to bear the Samsung or Apple brand. Just you wait.

So they bought up the movie studios and are now in control of Hollywood and movie making.

But they’re not really story tellers. They don’t know how to tell a story. They’re not movie makers. The movie makers and story tellers tried to guide them, but what happened? The film industry was pushed aside by the silicon valley types, who said, essentially, “We can do anything better than anyone else ever has in the history of Mankind”--LOOK, WE CREATED COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, AND CRYPTO CURRENCY!! Instead of giving actors and others a piece of the action, they hired them to play a part for wages. So the actors, directors, producers, etcetras—The Story Tellers—Quit caring what sort of product they were churning out.

These people—The Digital Media Millionaires and Billionaires—Don’t know how to breathe life into a scene, how to use music and lighting to tell the story. They’re just not movie makers.

They’re widget salesmen. Yesterday it was I-Pads, and today it’s a Made for Netflix movie. A new one every week.

Asylum and MarVista movies? Now that’s a story for another day.


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