Netflix Tonight?--Mebbe Not.....


Time was…..Netflix had a pretty nice line-up of recent Hollywood titles and some dandy re-runs of popular TV shows all at a reasonable price, but…..

Got a right friendly e-mail notice from Netflix that they were “upgrading” my Netflix experience by 1) Adding even more top quality entertainment, and 2) Jacking up the price again.

Seems to me that they just increased the price a couple of months ago, and their programming blows. That “Made For Netflix” crap is really bottom of the barrel. Endless low quality movies and series produced in South America, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and Asia. And more and more, everything on Netflix is made by and for Netflix.

No, actually I can do without it. I only kept them through the last price hike because I wanted to finish NCIS, but after DiNozzo left NCIS, it was no longer worth the effort. The DiNozzo character was the glue that held that program together.

I enjoyed Ozark, which was “Made for Netflix”, but that was the rarest of exceptions, and even though they look to have another handful of episodes available, I’ll pass. They take far too long between seasons, and I’ve lost interest. Laura Linney will have to handle Jason Bateman without my help.

I’ll save my 15 bucks a month. Not that 15 dollars American is gonna make or break me, but I’d rather keep it than give it away on junk level programming. If I’m REALLY desperate for junk level programming, there’s always Pluto and IMDB, which are both ad supported, free, and already on my ROKU box.

For better quality TV, I have Acorn TV and AMC Plus, both of which are far superior to Netflix, and cost very little. While some people have issues with Amazon Prime, I do not. Usually good quality stuff, and I’d keep Amazon Prime even without the TV programming just for the free shipping.

So I went ahead and canceled Netflix. Maybe they’ll offer me a reduced rate to get me to come back.

A few months ago, I went through a similar process whilst dumping X-Finity (which started off with reasonable priced Internet, then incrementally increased until I was paying far too much for far too little). In that instance I went with a T-Mobile 5G gateway, which provides more robust internet speeds and coverage than the X-Finity unit did, and costs a measly 50 dollars American a month. All taxes and fees included. No limits or throttles. Runs perfect. Price guaranteed for life.

I’m happy that I dumped X-Finity in favor of T-Mobile, and I’m happy that I dumped Netflix in favor of ANYTHING that I’ll watch.


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