The News

I was watching a little bit of news this morning—Always a bad idea on a slow news day. So here's the story I saw on FoxNews:

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is proposing a ban on large sodas—Anything over 16 ounces will be banned—for our own good, of course, because we consume WAAAAAY too much sugar. At least that's what was originally proposed. Now the proposal also includes other consumables—like extra large popcorn.

I don't know for sure, but I think that open-toed shoes are at least as dangerous as popcorn and should also be banned. But only in New York City.

Then I also saw Jesse Ventura being interviewed on CNN last night. Look, I don't pay a great amount of attention to Minnesota generally, and the esteemed former governor specifically, but tell me this please—Was he always a nut-bag, or is he just in desperate need of some attention?


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