Pick Pockets

In the recent past, I changed cell phone carriers primarily because of AT&T's policy of charging customers a mandatory fee for data when the customer (me) inadvertently switches to a "smart" phone.

Mea Culpa and all that--my bad, etceteras.

I switched to Virgin Mobile and couldn't be happier with that decision--so far. Unlimited data and text plus a little bit of talk all for one low monthly pittance.  One just never knows what the future holds though.  The biggest recommendation for Virgin is that they are contract-free.  If I decide their service or fees aren't to my liking I can just not pay them and our deal is done.

One of the services that I checked before landing at Virgin was Verizon.  Their fee schedule was a bit more, um, relaxed than AT&T's, but I didn't go with their service because of the contract issue again.   But it was a close call.

Which brings me to today.  I read on the web that Verizon is now eliminating their "unlimited" data plan in favor of a "tiered" plan, with heavy data users  paying more.

So, to all you Verizon users who are about to have your collective pockets picked yet again, I suggest Virgin Mobile.

Can You Hear Me Now??


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