I watched a movie trailer on the Internet this morning--"Cowboys and Aliens".  It's set for release on July 29th, and it covers two great movie types--Betcha can't guess which two--

Right again, Heathcliff--Cowboy Movies and Alien Movies.

This one stars James Bond and Indiana Jones battling the invaders in 1873 Arizona.  I simply can't imagine a better start for a story.  This one is based on a book.  OK, not really a book, but what is known as a graphic novel--a comic book if you will.  For the uninformed, a graphic novel is a comic book for adults.  OK, again--not really adults in every sense of the word, but definitely not for little children.  For brevity's sake, we'll just say that a graphic novel is for non-children readers who can't quite handle a whole novel.

In any event, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm thinking of taking my wife to the movies tomorrow afternoon--she wants to see "Super 8" which is set in Ohio in the late 1970s.  From what I understand, it's a Thriller/SF/Action/Adventure story.  OK by me on all fronts.

In other passive entertainment news, I see that the SYFY channel is resurrecting Haven and Warehouse 13 for another abbreviated season each. Can't say that I've heard or seen anything solid for a new short run of Eureka on SYFY, but I'll watch it again if they do it again.

Too bad that someone can't talk Kimmel and Carrola into doing another season of  The Man Show. Low entertainment at it's highest.


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