My Bride and I went to Pennsylvania a couple of days ago for a Costco run.  Yes, the closest Costco to us is in a completely different state.  Worth the drive, though.  Here in Youngstown, you just can’t find a beef rib to compare to the ones in the Costco meat locker.

As long as my thoughts are drifting, I wonder why Costco isn't in the Youngstown area?  I know that this part of Ohio is known as an “economically depressed area”, but I really don't see it.  Plenty of jobs, if you're willing to work, and lots of expensive houses, farms, cars, traffic jams……You name it.  Just like anywhere else.  My message to Costco goes something like this—It doesn't have to actually be Youngstown.  Our local retail is actually in Boardman and Canfield, so put one there.  You'll drive Sam's Club out of business in a heartbeat.

Same thing applies to Trader Joe's, which is in Chagrin Falls.  They would drive Rulli Brothers out of business so fast……Man, I tell you.

But the main attraction for me at Costco is Kirkland Coffee.  I usually buy 6 cans at a time, and, well, the price keeps rising.

So there we were.  Kirkland coffee is now 15 dollars American a can.  Granted, it's a 3 pound can, but still----Jeebus.  So I bought only 3 cans.  What a disappointment.

My bride suggested that we might want to cut back a little on coffee consumption, and I was forced to grab her around the throat and shake her—“GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF WOMAN!!”,  I said with vigor.

We're talking coffee here.  Kirkland coffee.  Available only at Costco.


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