The Fanatic

I follow the Giants.  We're talking baseball here, OK?  That means that when I check my Inter-Nets, I always take a peek at the San Francisco Giants web page.  I s’pose that makes me a fan.  Short for fanatic, and that would apply—at least my bride would say so.

Not only that, I'm a Barry Zito fan.  His pitching has been suspect at times, but I've always been pretty certain that his pitching is only part of what this grown up man brings to the table.  Zito is coming off his first stint on the DL, and he sounds grateful that he's still in the big league game.

Here's a quote from him:  "It just teaches you to really focus on your day-to-day responsibility and not get too caught up in the big picture. When you do that, things take care of themselves."

Couldn't have said it better myself.  Take care of the little things, gentlemen—the big things sort of take care of themselves.  I've been preaching that drivel my whole life. 

Barry Zito—A real adult.

Not that we're watching TOO closely here, but I'd bet my next paycheck that Saint Timothy (Lincecum) starts having a better year.  All on account of a real grown-up as an influence? 

Well, you make your call—I’ve made mine.


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