I’ve written on occasion here about the various and sundry odd jobs I’ve had since my retirement from public service.  A question that might arise is this:  Why would a retired peace officer with over 30 years of service need any job at all?  After all, bloated public pensions and benefits are in the news all the time now, right? 

Well, let me dispel your fears of me personally bankrupting the fragile economic system.  I retired from Sonoma County, California 8 years ago.  I have yet to see a cost of living increase, yet the cost of living has risen (if you haven’t noticed, then you don’t buy very much gasoline), and all things being equal, my purchasing power has declined.  But all things weren’t equal.

My actual monthly pension has dwindled because Sonoma County takes an ever-burgeoning amount of the pension to cover my piece of medical coverage.  This year, the medical coverage premium that covers medical and dental for Mrs. Young and myself was increased to something North of $900.00 per month.  I had to choose from the following disagreeable options:  A) Discontinue medical coverage, B) Quit paying the house payment, or C) Get a job that will pay enough to cover my medical premium.

I’m actually not bitter, but I am disappointed.  The God-fearing denizens of Sonoma County, California promised that I would be covered with medical coverage for life while I was a working stiff.   In return, whenever they pushed 9-1-1 on their telephone, I came running.  I kept my end of the bargain.  I’m reasonably certain that Sonoma County is still quite well off, what with their massive slush fund with which the Board of Supervisors purchases “green space” for the aforementioned denizens.  Makes me all warm inside just knowing that their quality of life is so enhanced.

So I take jobs that I don’t care for.  Hopefully, my latest endeavor will be more fun….. or at least less disagreeable


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