I read that Google is being either sued or investigated by the Justice Department for misbehavior and maldeeds, or some such.  Oh, Joy.  Be still my beating heart.  My tax dollars at work again.

Not that I don't want the Justice Department to do something once in a great while, but really now.  Look how much better telecommunications are now than before Me Bell was dismantled by the Justice Department—In more recent times, just feel your power as a consumer buying a home computer now that Microsoft has been chastised.

Answering my own questions, telecommunications is still in a state of disarray from the Justice Department's actions, and I never did see any difference in prices, availability, or anything else in the computer biz that could be directly linked to the Justice Department's actions.

Look—I don't know the ins and outs of this whole business, but this I do know:  Google gives the world free, reliable POP e-mail, the best free searching mechanism that exists, and free blogs (like this one).  Not to mention Picasa and all the rest.  All free for the taking.

Free.  I pay nothing.  The bastards.

On the other hand, I'm a law and order guy, so Go Get ‘Em, DOJ. These Google rapscallions are most likely just as evil and dangerous as that Barry Bonds feller--


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