I'm not at all certain just how to term this...The man who was once Saint Timothy has become Lince-O-Scam (my Bride's term, but oh, so accurate).

Went into Pittsburgh today and watched my beloved Giants get the dog-snot kicked out of them by the Pirates, 13-2. The first half of the season has drawn to a close with Lincecum getting rocked again. His ERA is around 7 now.

Here's the deal—if he's no better than this, then the Giants need to give a face-saving excuse of some sort (blister, hangnail, dandruff) and put him on the DL for a while and let Brad Penny take over that spot in the rotation.

The Giants actually have an opportunity to win the West this year and go on to the playoffs. But not with Lincecum guaranteeing a loss every five days.

In case you have forgotten, the Giants won the World Series in 2010 without an effective Barry Zito during the year, and without ANY Barry Zito during the playoffs. Zito seems fine now, but the Giants did what they needed to do to win in 2010. They need to do what they must now to save the possibility of a winner this year.

As before, the Giants have a real chance to win it all once they get into the playoffs because of their pitching. But they have to get there.

And this is the only Giants game I'll get to go to this year. It had to be Lince-O-Scam.


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