How To Watch Television

I recently obtained some new video components and needed to inform my Bride of the changes.  This is what I provided:


Recent changes in television technology in the living room have necessitated a change in the process known here as “How To Watch Television”.
  1. Definitions
          The new TV is a high definition Vizio, 47” wide screen with multiple inputs for TV, AV, Comp, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI Side, and RGB. Additionally, it is WIFI enabled.
The new cable converter is a high definition Scientific Atlanta Explorer (courtesy of Time Warner Cable) and is connected to HDMI 2.
The ROKU Streaming Media Player is connected to HDMI 1.
The legacy Daewoo DVD/VHS player is connected to AV.
Each component is controlled by a unique remote control. Each of the remotes has individual characteristics and capabilities. As you will later see, some of the capabilities overlap, making the ultimate end-game (watching television) somewhat more confusing than it need be.

  1. Remote Controls
          Each remote control is labeled on it’s reverse with an identifying number. Since all of the        remotes are black in color, it may be necessary to identify them individually by checking the     number that is attached to the reverse.
         Remote #1 controls the Television.
         Remote #2 controls the Cable Converter.
         Remote #3 controls the ROKU Streaming Media Player.
         Remote #4 controls the DVD/VHS player.

  1. The Main Event

    TV--There are two remotes labeled #1. They are identical and can be used interchangeably to control the television. Turn on the television by pushing the round red button on the upper right of remote control #1. The “INPUT” button is located on the upper left of remote #1. It is used to make a selection of a component (or choice) to view on the television screen as follows:
    TV-Basic cable is controlled by the number pad on remote #1. The TV's built-in WIFI is also controlled with this remote. The built-in WIFI includes NETFLIX and a host of other programming choices. Activate this by pushing the centrally located “VIA” button and making a selection on the bottom bar menu. Remote #1 also controls the television volume, as well as the television settings. Settings can be changed by pushing the “MENU” button on remote #1. When you want the settings menu to go away, or if it is accidentally activated, or if you wish the bottom menu (referenced above) to go away, simply push wither the “EXIT” button or the red bar button and it will go away. When you are finished watching the TV's built-in WIFI programming, simply push “Exit” to return to regular programming.
    AV—Select this INPUT to view DVD or VHS media using the Daewoo player. Use remote #4 to control the DVD/VHS player.
    HDMI 1—Select this INPUT to use the ROKU streaming media player. This includes access to MLBTV, PUBDHUB, the Movie Vault, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a plethora of other programming choices. Use remote #3 to control the ROKU player.
    HDMI 2—This INPUT selects the cable converter. The remote that controls this component is labeled #2, and is the largest remote. In addition to the whirlwind of exciting choices available, this remote will also control the television power and volume.

  2. Summary

    I know that this set-up provides a dizzying array of choices, but try to remain unconfused. If help is needed I'm as close as a phone call or a text.  


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