OK, I get it that we have run out of good names for automobile models. Really. I get it.


Time was we had Cougars and Mustangs and Electra 225s and Wildcats and Silver Hawks and Hornets and El Dorados and.....well, you get the idea. Names with a little class and excitement.  Even the Gremlin was pretty descriptive.

Then, we got a bunch of number and letter combinations. Bizarre stuff. Car models that were just a number. And the Infinity. Wha? Infinite car? Huh? And, what, exactly, is a Prius. Before it was an almost-a-car. OK, I know this one. It's an adjective and it means prior. My question remains. What is it prior to? Obnoxious and Repulsive are perfectly good adjectives too, you know, and they are desperately searching for a car model with which they might be affiliated.

Now, it's terrible. The Chevy Volt. Really? No, really? When do we get the Ohm and the Farad? I'd much prefer immortalizing some other animals as car models--I suggest, as starters, the Chevy Aardvark and the Ford Platypus.

But here's the kicker: The Ford Fusion. Someone please tell me what they fused. Repulsive and Obnoxious, I betcha.


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