Television Drivel

I miss the best of some TV programs that either ran their natural course, or out-lived their cuteness. 

For example: 

That 70’s Show—Very fun and worthwhile until the Eric character left.  After that, well….they just should have let it go.  But it was really fun up until that point.

Happy Days.  And it’s spawn, Joanie Loves Chachi.  Ick.  The only story line that wasn’t driven into the ground on Happy Days was having Fonzie learn the pan flute from Zamfir and regaling the rest of the cast with whatever it is that passes for pan flute music.  Lastly, when Happy Days moved from the 50s to the 80s…….However, the first few years were a real hoot.

M.A.S.H.  Great book, and a really funny movie.  Good enough as a TV show until Trapper John went on to bigger and better things and was replaced by BJ Hunnicutt.  That would be at about the same time that Alan Alda got a social conscience and went overboard with political awareness and anti-war sentiment, or something.  Horrible.  But, it was fun up until then…..

Bonanza.  They went to a 90 minute format at some point if I recall correctly, and that’s just too much Bonanza.  Even Hoss can’t fill the screen that well.

The Love Boat was iconic until it became hackneyed.  Still like the theme song, though.

I Love Lucy.  Nothing wrong there, I just miss Fred and Ethyl and Ricky and Lucy. 

Fantasy Island with Roarke and Tattoo.  What a fun waste of an hour a week.  Just like The Love Boat, you get to see all of your favorite celebrities in a real plot rather than in handcuffs or in the Enquirer.


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