Alphas Revisited

Here's my little run-down on the new SyFy smash hit (!), Alphas:

But first, these few words—No entity less than SyFy itself has called Alphas a New Smash Hit.  The same verbiage they've bestowed in the past for such dreck as Stargate Universe and Ghost Hunters International.  Not saying that Alphas is in that strata, but SyFy’s self-aggrandizement must be taken not quite literally.

And now, back to the meat of the matter:

SyFy seems to have “borrowed” ideas and attitudes from the Fantastic 4, the Power Rangers, CSI, The Man From Uncle, Mission Impossible, the Jedi Knights, the X-Files, Kolchak the Night Stalker, and the Mod Squad.  Not a bad group to borrow from.  Grasshopper, you have chosen wisely.

Diversity’s not an issue here—we have a strong black man, an undefined ethnic female, a white guy stud with a possible checkered background, an autistic (or at least OCD) boy, and a bearded professorial white guy in charge.  Maybe they can work in an Asian and some gay, lesbian, and trans gendered folks later. 

Not that any of this is particularly bad.  The pilot was entertaining, and I’ll watch again when the opportunity arises—in the pilot, about the only issue that wasn't fully explored was spoon bending, but I'm certain that will come up later—

All in all, it's OK.


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