This Can Work

I'm convinced that there's no societal problem that we cannot incarcerate our way out of.  Lets just take whatever money we're spending on “programs” for our inner city youth and use those funds to build some prisons.

Many cities, towns and villages have been overtaken by a gangster mentality.  This would, of course, include my town, Youngstown, Ohio.  People who shoplift from retail stores openly and teach their children to do the same.  It's a lawlessness that can no longer be tolerated by polite society.

I'm talking about what we might call quality of life issues here—you know, hat on sideways, pants on the ground, hookers openly plying their trades, XXX movie theaters in neighborhoods, drug dealers in parking lots, and other bad behaviors. 

We'll have to have the will to do this—In times past, society built stocks in the public square and put their miscreants in them to be held to public ridicule.  While that might still work, what I'm talking about is locking up the criminal element for extended periods of time.  Making it miserable enough  so that those who are left in town will think twice about their attitude, threats, and crimes.

These prisons need to be staffed with prison guards—not “correctional officers”—You have no idea how little I care about “correcting” the thugs.  I just want them housed for extended periods of time.

So, we get this part of it done, and decent people will be able to go back to downtown city parks without armed guards—Nobody will have to explain to their children the finer points of prostitution and narcotics.

This can work.  We can incarcerate our way out of this mess.


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