Jim Young, N.Q.A.F.

The current South Florida murder case has finally resolved.  For those who’ve been living under rocks, or in San Francisco, a jury of her peers has acquitted Casey Anthony.  I didn’t pay much attention and don’t know much about the case, but like navels, everybody’s got an opinion, no?

Remembering all the while, that acquittal does not equal innocent.  Our national media seems to think there’s an equals signs there, but they’re wrong.  Just ask O.J.

Which brings me to a thought that crosses my mind with some frequency.  There needs to be some changes in our criminal justice system.  You know, make it fair for the folks as well as the crook.  Ya’ know—just spreadin’ around some fairness.  Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Here’s the proposal:  No more of selecting criminal juries from a pool of licensed drivers and others too frail or incompetent to get out of jury duty.  For civil juries, this method works fine, but not in criminal cases.  Replace this moronic system with professional jury pools.  Paid reasonably.  All of them have been pre-screened, eliminating the need for high profile jury selection.  Which brings me to the next item on my list:  No more private criminal attorneys.  At all period.  All criminal lawyers should work out of a single office at the county or state level.  When it’s time to go to trial, take the next two lawyers in line, assign one to be the prosecution and the other to be the defense. 

Eliminate the grand-standing and such.  Make people like the O.J. Dream Team a thing of the past.  Make the criminal justice system just as fair for the poor man as for the rich.  See to it that if a lawyer wants to get wealthy and famous, he’ll have to do it by suing chemical companies or something.

My uninformed opinion?  Casey Anthony should have been convicted of something more than fibbing to the police.

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