My wife suffers from itchy scalp.  And flakieness—no, not that kind…..the kind that a good dandruff shampoo will cure. 

So the doctor recommended Nizoral shampoo.  Thanks, Doc.  I’ll bop on down to the apothecary and pick a little bit of this stuff up.  But, when I arrived at the pharmacy, the place for Nizoral was empty.  There was a tag indicating where the product ought to be, but no product.  Sort of pricy for a dandruff shampoo (10 bucks or so for a small bottle), but, if it works, you know……..

So I asked a question of my local pharmacist—“Got any Nizoral in the back?” Nope.  Haven’t been able to get it delivered for weeks now.  So I went to another pharmacy.  Same Story.  And another.  And another.

Came on home, and checked on line—I use, and checked there first—nope, out of stock.  Checked, and there were some bottles of 4 and 7 ounces for sale for, oh, 25 or 35 bucks, plus shipping, and the added discomfort of buying a medicated product from an amateur.  Found a European seller who wanted 9 dollars plus shipping for a 1 ounce bottle.  Googled Nizoral and found 7 ounce bottles for up to 52 dollars American. 

So I Googled “nizoral shortage”, and discovered the following:  Nobody in America has it on the shelf.  Nobody in America can get it delivered.  The support groups and forums and such seem to speculate that the company who makes Nizoral has changed their location, or formulation, or packaging, or something and are having trouble getting approval to sell their product.  Don’t know if I buy any of that claptrap, but that’s the rampant speculation.

At there’s no indication of any shortage.  And, they have a customer service number listed as 1-800-962-5357.  Their hours are listed as Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 8PM, Eastern Standard.  This being Saturday I didn’t even try to call, but I’ll try on Monday, somewhere around 8 AM Eastern Standard.  Upon that you may rely.

Me? I bought the last 4 ounce bottle of the stuff that was available on for $35.00.  The guy who charged that usurious amount ought to be ashamed.  I know for a fact his mother would be.


  1. You can get a prescription from your doc... May be cheaper in the long run??
    (over the counter is 1% anti-fungal.... Prescription is 2%)

  2. Omg... I'm glad to see I'm not the only one going crazy trying to find Nizoral! Turns out the shortage is nation wide.

  3. I found 4 7-ounce bottles ($16.49 each) and 2 4-ounce bottles ($10.49 each) on the shelf yesterday at my local CVS in Charlotte, NC. I bought all of them. The clerk said she didn't know they'd received more. I wonder if these had been lost in a back storeroom all this time, because as Jim says, you can't find it anywhere else.

  4. Ordered some pet shampoo called Mal-A-Ket Has prescription strength Ketoconazole and a couple other ingrediants and is very inexpensive. It is working great and smells good.

  5. you can order what is basically the same product under the name Sebizole from online stores in australia and new zeland- i have luck in the past ordering from europe as well if you don't want to try the pet stuff :)

    good luck to all until the company starts answering honestly about what is up.


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