The UPS Guy


With all the talk up here in the greater Pacific Northwest about the never-ending drought (regardless of the flooding, I guess) and global warming, and protests against fossil fuel, and that idiot Greta Thurnberg…….The sky is falling crowd…..

Well, the Dogwoods here in Castle Rock are blooming, the birds are nesting and, from what I can tell, making little birds.

So, counting the crises (not the Wuhan Flu, but the other ones), we got Fossil Fuel, Global Warming, Climate Change, Flooding, Drought, War, Gun Violence, Police Brutality…..I’m certain that there’s more.

But in these parts, it just looks like Spring is right around the corner. At least the Dogwoods and the birds think so.

Soon as it warms up a little (it was 22 degrees American this morning), and dries out some, my big crisis will be mowing the grass.

Another big Springtime event is re-setting the clocks for Daylight Savings Time, which happens this weekend. Really looking forward to that.

We get a lot of stuff delivered by Fed Ex, UPS, and the USPS. They all drive down our drive. It’s right handy, and most stuff is delivered free. That saves me from having to buy as much gas, inasmuch as it’s 5 bucks a gallon now and going up daily. I just saw that the UPS delivery guy dropped off a package to one of our neighbors, and my little dog barked a friendly “Hello” at him. And, of all the delightful things, the UPS guy ran over to my little Terrier and gave her a biscuit.

The UPS guy is definitely not part of the crisis crowd.


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