$4.99 and 9/10ths


I don’t live an expensive life. My house in bucolic Castle Rock was built in 1935. I drive a 21 year old VW Beetle. I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer and my medical benefits are supplied by MediCare.

That’s not an extravagant life. I’m on a fixed income. I have Social Security and some retirement benefits from the two agencies I worked for (for 32 years).

I’m a U.S. Army veteran.

I’ve always done my part. Paid my taxes. Voted. Respected the elected officials.

Always carried my own water, you could say.

I felt sorry for Joe Biden. He seemed (and seems) befuddled. He lurches when he walks. His wife has to hold his hand on steps to prevent him from stumbling.

I felt sorry for him. I really did.

When Donald Trump was president, the gas station here in Castle Rock sold gasoline for $2.75 a gallon, more or less. Today, I filled up the VW at the gas station and paid a heart-stopping $4.99 and 9/10ths a gallon.

In Castle Rock, for Christ’s sake.

And it’s Joe Biden’s fault. His alone.

I no longer feel sorry for that idiot. Joe Biden can kiss my cracker ass.


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