Flood News.....and Cold Brew


Interesting weather up here in the greater Pacific Northwest. Interesting if you’re REALLY into rain. On an average year, it rains for 9 months, then, if lucky, we get about 3 months of decent weather.

If it fails to rain for more than 3 consecutive days, even in August, the weather reports and the local newspaper start talking about drought. Idiots.

Then, there’s the constant rejoinder as follows: “We really need the rain…..That’s why it’s so green here”. MEGO.

We are just now recovering from flooding due to what was called a “Pineapple Express”--A non-ending stream of heavy rain originating in the South Pacific (or thereabouts) and aimed directly at me. It rained for three days straight. I’m seeing a little bit of sun today, so I guess it’s mostly over for the time being, but the Cowlitz river (the one that runs right through the middle of bucolic Castle Rock) flooded—Not in Castle Rock, but elsewhere. The grater Seattle area was also hammered…..but they, of course, deserved it. Here in Castle Rock, we most certainly did not deserve it.

I honestly can’t stand it when someone says “Well, ya’ know, we really need the rain”--Morons--This whole area is criss-crossed with rivers and lakes. Many of the rivers, including the aforementioned Cowlitz, are wide and deep enough to allow passage of ocean going ships. We have plenty of water, and we don’t need the rain.

At least that’s me stance on it. I’m ready for some warm weather. Fire up the Weber. Get a little sunburn. Burn some beef.

In other news, I bought a cold-brew coffee maker. Seems to be the current “thing”, and since I’m a coffee guy, I’ll see how it is. It’s in the fridge now, making coffee that is supposed to be ready in 2 days. WHAT??!?? Two friggin Days??!?? I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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