Cold Brew--WOO-HOO!!


As promised, here’s the follow-up info on the cold brew coffee maker. Mine came with instructions, and each instance makes about 2 quarts of concentrated coffee. To make that much cold coffee takes 2 cups of ground coffee and a whole bunch of water.

Plus, of course, the two days wait. I only waited about a day and a half.

You put the coffee in the strainer, put the water and the strainer in the carafe, screw down the water-tight lid, and give it a shake. Like a martini shake. Like that. It’s to get the coffee grounds damp. Then stick it in the fridge. Give it a courtesy shake once in a while to keep the grounds moist.

What you get at the end of the process is a really tasty, highly concentrated carafe of cold coffee. I mixed it with diet coca cola and Hoo-Boy was it good. I’m thinking it’ll make a really good hot drink all by itself, watered down, with booze, with cream, whatever...I’m a fan.

The balance of the 2 quarts of coffee is in the carafe, in the fridge, and waiting for me.

I’m a fan.

FWIW—The cold brew coffee maker that I got is a 2 quart Takeya plastic coffee maker. They have them at for 25-30 bucks American, but the fact of the matter is I got mine on for 10 dollars. Woot’s a pretty good deal some of the time.


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